Building community partnerships
An Abbey National case study

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Page 3: Partnerships and empowerment

Abbey National 4 Image 4Abbey National has conducted a further review of its community investment strategy and believes it can help the community to flourish and prosper in the future by focusing on disability, education and employment issues. These are topical issues which lie at the heart of Government policy and future action. Abbey National has therefore focused its future Community Investment Strategy on these areas.

Abbey National’s Charitable Trust will continue to be the engine for much of the organisation’s community work. However, increasing emphasis will also be placed on empowering employees throughout Abbey National to become involved in creating partnerships in the community. As part of the review, the Company has identified a need to give its employees a much greater sense of ownership of the business and to empower them to take greater control of their working lives and their personal aspirations. Involvement in the community is one way to achieve this.

The new strategy is called the Abbey National Community Partnership Programme. In preparing the strategy, Abbey National engaged in a benchmarking exercise and examined best practice carried out by leading companies involved in community action in the UK. The move towards involving Abbey National employees in the community embraces a stakeholder approach and benefits human resource development. Individual employees need to be provided with opportunities to develop their own talents and enthusiasms within their jobs. Most people today enjoy community involvement. Giving individual employees the freedom to take ownership of community related activities is a good way of increasing job satisfaction and maximising staff morale.

Abbey National | Building community partnerships