Acas and effective workplaces
An Acas case study

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Page 2: Working towards effective workplaces

Acas believes that effective workplaces are determined by the right behaviour, supported by policies and procedures. Acas has a clear description of its view of an effective workplace - The Acas Model Workplace which organisations can use to assess how close they are to best practice. Acas works with organisations to move towards the Model.

Acas believes the key features of an effective workplace are:

  • Formal procedures for dealing with disciplinary matters, grievances and disputes that managers and employees know about and use fairly;
  • Ambitions, goals and plans that employees know about and understand;
  • Managers who genuinely listen to and consider their employees' views so everyone is actively involved in making important decisions;
  • A pay and reward system that is clear, fair and consistent;
  • A safe and healthy place to work;
  • People who feel valued so they can talk confidently about their work and learn from both successes and mistakes;
  • A good working relationship between management and employee representatives that in turn helps build trust throughout the business;
  • Fair treatment for everyone including being valued for their differences as part of everyday life;
  • Work organised so that it encourages initiative, innovation and people to work together;
  • An understanding that people have responsibilities outside work so they can openly discuss ways of working that suit personal needs and the needs of the business;
  • A culture where everyone is encouraged to learn new skills so they can look forward to further employment either in the business or elsewhere.

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