A classic solution
An ADtranz case study

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Page 5: Building on competitive advantage

Adtranz 4 Image 5The Classic has been developed at a time of radical change in the railway industry. It is the result of careful planning, research and development by Adtranz and provides a cost-effective, consumer-friendly solution. Although the units look new, the Classic is an environmentally friendly solution as it is produced from recycling parts of existing trains. Adtranz has made best use of existing resources and is able to respond to market changes quickly. The Classic is also a concept which is equally applicable to other vehicles or to trains in overseas markets.

In a competitive environment such as the railway industry, it is important to be first with innovations and product developments. Work for the Classic prototype helped Adtranz move ahead of its competitors - providing a differentiated and better product which built on the organisation’s advantages. The Classic is a new product platform which, by reducing lead-time from order to delivery to between nine and twelve months, has provided Adtranz
with a way of responding flexibly and quickly to its customers.

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