Creating a new transport system
An ADtranz case study

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Page 5: Competitive advantage

Adtranz 3 Image 5A short development time provides organisations with many competitive advantages. For the completion of the EUROTRAM project, Adtranz divided the project into a number of project teams, with each geared to meeting specific project objectives. Each team comprised a member of engineering, purchasing and assembly, as well as a member from one other area. In giving teams responsibilities and goals, Adtranz was creating a flat organisational structure which provided individuals, through the creation of teams, with more ‘ownership’ of key aspects of the project, in a way which was controlled through goal management. Thus a process of simultaneous engineering had been created which combined traditional functions through a process of goal planning. In this way, Adtranz could improve the efficiency of operation and complete the project in around half the time.

The EUROTRAM project placed all the teams in a collaborative environment under ‘one-roof’, where everybody on the spot could view, not only their own individual contributions to the project, but also the project unfold and develop as a whole. The UK has played a major role in the production of EUROTRAMS for Strasbourg. Around three quarters of the project has been managed by Adtranz UK, with a quarter being allocated to Adtranz Italy, the traction and control supplier for the powertrain control. Materials for the project have been sourced from around Europe including France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Finland.

ADtranz | Creating a new transport system