Building the heritage of sustainable products
An Akzo Nobel case study

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Page 3: A whole cost approach

Akzo Nobel 6 Image 3In order to ensure its future as a building and design material, it is in Akzo Nobel’s interests as a coatings manufacturer to invest in raising awareness of timber, in particular timber that will require treatment and/or decoration. Positive promotion of timber is required not only within the building and design industry, but also within the minds of the general public.

When compared with commonly used alternatives, including PVC-u, the use of timber is the best solution for sustainability. Well designed timber windows which are coated with high performance coatings in a controlled factory environment before being delivered to site can last much longer than plastic alternative products. You have only to look at Britain’s wealth of historic buildings which have been there for hundreds of years to appreciate the viability of timber.

Taking a whole cost approach as opposed to one based on short term decisions there is no comparison.  Timber can and frequently does last for decades and centuries when treated with the right products.

Akzo Nobel | Building the heritage of sustainable products