Using colour in new product development
An Akzo Nobel case study

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Page 2: The paint market

Akzo Nobel 5 Image 2Today, coatings are essential to the modern world, and are used in the most testing industrial environments on the planet and beyond. They provide protection from corrosion - not only for homes and cars, but also ships, bridges, trains and aircraft.

Modern technology has provided synthetic ingredients which have enabled a new range of colours and finishes:

  • Emulsion - a water-borne paint, now available in matt, mid sheen and silk finishes.
  • Gloss - either oil or acrylic-based, now available in liquid and non-drip forms.
  • Satin or eggshell finishes - can be either oil-based or water-borne.
  • Primers and undercoats – preparatory paints to protect wood or metal and ensure the top coat will adhere to the surface.
  • Coil coatings - paint on rolled-up steel or aluminium.
  • Powder coatings - powder sprayed on metal and baked.
  • Woodcare - specialist coatings formulated for maximum protection on the most difficult substrate, timber.

Akzo Nobel | Using colour in new product development