Building On Stakeholder Support To Achieve Dynamic Growth & Success
An Aldi case study

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Page 6: Communities

The communities in which both shoppers and staff live and work are also stakeholders. To lower its environmental impact, Aldi works to reduce its carbon footprint through being energy efficient; minimising the impact of its refrigerant liquids and by meeting leading global standards for green buildings. In terms of its waste, it follows the practice of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ Aldi places great importance on supporting its communities, set out through its CR Policy. The business begins this relationship from the moment it decides to construct a store. For instance, in Knutsford, Cheshire, Aldi supported a number of community initiatives before the opening of a store in the town. Aldi’s community engagement sought to create goodwill, introduce local shoppers to the brand and its products, and to build long lasting relationships. Aldi supported a number of community barbeques in association with local schools with free products and a chef, and the Knutsford Sunday in the Park community fundraiser event, raising funds for the Children’s Burns Foundation. In addition, Aldi sponsored the Egerton Youth Football Club, providing funds for youth sport throughout the season.

Sponsorship also brings benefits to both Aldi and its communities, helping raise awareness and perception of the Aldi brand from a recruitment perspective. ‘Awareness’ is just knowing it exists; ‘perception’ includes what the brand stands for and its overall aims. In this case, Aldi is keen to attract high quality applicants to its graduate recruitment programme and sponsors several high profile sports teams at various universities which has in turn produced several graduates for Aldi's Area Manager Programme.

Last year, Aldi sponsored the varsity fixtures between the Universities of Bath and Exeter. The sponsorship agreement covered matches between a number of sports teams including men’s football, men’s rugby league, women’s football, basketball, netball, water polo and the cheerleaders at events. Aldi had naming rights to the event, described as: “Aldi Best of the South West Varsity” and the Aldi logo was printed on the front of all team kits. Promotion was through Aldi branded fliers and press releases in local newspapers. There was prominent use of the Aldi logo, including on 33 plasma screens in the student centre. Hoardings promoting Aldi’s graduate recruitment were also displayed at events.

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