Building On Stakeholder Support To Achieve Dynamic Growth & Success
An Aldi case study

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Page 5: Customers

Aldi 19 Image 2Customers are at the heart of everything Aldi seeks to achieve. Aldi informs customers of what is happening in stores and listens to what they need, including their ethical concerns. Its promise is to always deliver quality goods at the best possible price. Aldi’s operational model strips out additional costs and these efficiency savings allow Aldi to offer ‘Everyday Low Prices’ and high quality products.

The idea of ‘quality’ means much more than just ‘fit for purpose’. Aldi looks at all the aspects of quality – from ethical production to the final customer purchase. This includes a concern for customer safety, health and wellbeing. It helps its customers to eat a healthy and balanced diet by making sure that all products meet national quality and safety standards, including clear information and labelling. Aldi works with experts, the government and other bodies to promote healthy choices. It has:

  • signed up to 14 of the government’s Responsibility Deal Pledges. These include lower salt levels and removing trans-fats.
  • teamed up with Change4Life to encourage and promote healthier lifestyles.
  • worked with an independent nutritionist to reduce the amount of calories and salt in products.

Conflict could arise between suppliers – wanting to supply less healthy choices – and customers. Aldi would always look at what is best for the customer.

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