Building a better business through communication
An Alliance & Leicester case study

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Page 3: Written communication

Alliance Leicester 3 Diagram 3Written communications vary from the very simple to the very complex. At the Alliance & Leicester written communication is particularly useful when:

  • the information needs to be received by many people in different places
  • the information is complex and requires extensive study
  • the information needs to be referred to over a period of time.

Written communications include:

  • Spectrum - This is a staff newspaper which is distributed to all staff and pensioners. It is a particularly useful way of keeping a large number of people informed of both business and social matters. For example, the paper provides up-to-date coverage of sports events, an Insight column upon events in the financial services industry and an ‘Over To You’ forum for the views of staff.
  • Team Brief - This is a monthly production which contains business news from the whole of the Alliance & Leicester. It is used by managers to brief staff on developments throughout the business. Staff Suggestion Scheme - This was created to encourage and reward staff for suggestions. It was introduced to improve customer service and to help streamline procedures.
  • Bulletin - Knowledge of product changes and promotional activity is particularly important for staff employed by the Alliance & Leicester. The Bulletin is produced by the Company’s Marketing Department to update staff on promotional activity.
  • Sales Talk - This is a quarterly production for the Girobank sales force providing updates on their own business areas and those of their competitors.
  • Office Instructions - These are paper based instructions, sent to individual branches, used for updating staff on new product launches and procedural changes.
  • Office Communications - These are for branches but usually transmit general messages.
  • One Offs - From time to time, one off communications are produced to update staff or to emphasise important procedures.

Electronic communications

Over recent years, there have been many different developments in electronic technology which have affected all staff at the Alliance & Leicester in one way or another. Initially, the Alliance & Leicester, like all other businesses, was dependent on the telephone for internal and external communication. However, with constant advances taking place in communication technology, the Alliance & Leicester has now invested in new methods of communication which help develop efficiency advantages over its rivals. Electronic communications include:

  • E-mail - Computer stations within the Alliance & Leicester are equipped for email.
  • Internet - A mortgages web-site has been in existence for over a year with personal banking and investments to be added to this in the near future.
  • Fax system - Alliance & Leicester uses a facility to distribute multiple faxes simultaneously to over 1,000 fax machines within the Company. These are usually major announcements affecting the whole of Alliance & Leicester when it is important for staff to receive information as quickly as possible. Individual faxes can also be sent to specific areas within the company.
  • Computer system - Messages can be transmitted to branches nation-wide via Alliance & Leicester’s administration centre in Leicester. A prompt is received on each computer screen in the branch allowing messages to be called up. This system has been used for rate changes, important announcements and security messages.

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