Combining an offline and online business
An Amway case study

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Page 4: Combining offline and online

Developing a new process like Amway's European online business takes place in distinct stages. The first phase was to construct a business analysis report that focused upon how the Independent Business Owners were likely to respond to the development of e-commerce opportunities.

The market research involved running focus groups with Independent Business Owners in Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK. These groups enabled marketers to find out about the functions desired from an e commerce site as well as giving an insight into many other e-commerce opportunities.

The research created a layout, design and technological brief for Amway. The Internet team then had to turn this brief into a site that was technologically feasible, functional, user-friendly and flexible enough to adapt to any future shift in consumer needs. The project also had to be completed within budget.

The analysis and research identified the requirements for the site. These were then converted into a site map, from which story boards were drawn up to show the design and layout of each page. These story boards illustrated the functions of each page and showed how they linked to each other. Web-designers were then commissioned to construct the site, and tests took place to establish the stability of the pages to ensure that the processes worked efficiently.

Amway | Combining an offline and online business