Combining an offline and online business
An Amway case study

Page 3: Creating the online presence

The project's starting point was to create a brand name for the site that was truly pan-European and which would be acceptable across a range of European markets.

Developing a brand involves compiling for products with a range of features that identify them as a group e.g. name, logo and other distinctive elements. Marketers at Amway had to take into account the way in which the brand they developed would be pronounced, written and interpreted.

For Internet trading, a new brand would also require a unique domain name that would not infringe any existing copyright. The development of the name involved considerable research. It had to be available and sound appealing. The name chosen was Amivo. Amivo comprises the notion of 'Ami', which implies a sense of 'friendship' or being 'friendly' and 'Vivo' meaning 'life'.

Amway | Combining an offline and online business


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