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Page 5: Communicating the strategy

African BoysGood, clear communication is essential in making sure that the CSR strategy relates directly to the company business objectives. Communication also helps in putting the strategy into practice.

A number of communications media are used:

  1. Face-to-face communication: Regular meetings take place between UNICEF, Amway and its IBOs. Through meetings with UNICEF staff, Amway is able to discuss the vision and objectives. It then passes the message on by meeting with IBOs. In 2005 the two organisations arranged a joint briefing day for IBO Leaders. They were able to hear firsthand experiences from UNICEF staff about their roles and UNICEF's work as well as where the money goes.
  2. Printed material: Amway produces a monthly magazine for all IBOs called Amagram.
  3. Public relations materials are also important, particularly at launch events for the initiative (e.g. in Milton Keynes in 2006).
  4. Email communication: Email is very important in the company it plays a significant part in keeping IBOs up-to-date.
  5. Online activities: There is a micro-site dedicated to the Amway UK/UNICEF partnership on the UNICEF UK website.


African childrenAmway Europe provides support for fundraising to the extent of 500,000 euros (about £350,000) per year through selling items such as:

  • greetings cards
  • multi-cultural gifts and cards
  • stationery and wrapping paper
  • toys for children.

However, Amway UK's support goes well beyond these activities. In addition, it involves staff fundraising events and raffles organised by the IBOs.

UNICEF attends IBO major events (usually supported by 1,000 or more IBOs) where requested. A UNICEF stand outlines the work with speakers, literature and merchandise.

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