Creating a corporate social responsibility strategy
An Amway case study

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Page 4: Developing a strategy

CSR cascadedA strategy is an organisational plan. Implementing a strategy involves putting that plan into action. The strategy enables an organisation to turn its values into action.

Strategies are designed for the whole of an organisation. Strategies are principally created by senior managers in an organisation. However, effective strategies involve discussion and communication with a range of interested parties. The views of IBOs are thus very important in creating Amway's strategies.

Values in action

Amway's strategies for corporate social responsibility are cascaded through the organisation.

Amway's global strategy involves creating responsible plans that make a difference in everyone's lives. However, the strategy is flexible. In other words in deciding on a cause that IBOs could partner it was essential to research their views.

A key element of this was research into a cause that would motivate them - the research showed that the solution was a cause that helped children. There was a clear fit between Amway's aimsto help children and UNICEF's 'Immunisation Plus' programme for children.

From the outset, Amway set out some clear objectives for its strategy. These were to:

  • build loyalty and pride among IBOs and employees
  • enhance Amway's reputation as a caring organisation
  • make a real difference to human lives.

Every year 1.7 million children worldwide die from avoidable infectious diseases. This situation is especially grave for the world's poorest countries and poses a threat to the lives and well-being of children and families. Many children could still be alive if they had been vaccinated.

Serious diseasesFor under £12 a child can be vaccinated against these diseases and has a fighting chance to reach adulthood. Contributing to UNICEF's world child immunisation programme therefore is a fitting focus for the activities of Amway UK and its IBOs. To date, Amway (UK) Ltd, its IBOs and employees have raised over £80,000 for UNICEF. Over £10,000 was raised for the Tsunami relief efforts alone.

The UK initiative is part of a pan-European fundraising campaign for children. It recognises the importance of building good working relationships with UNICEF in each market in order to roll-out fundraising programmes to Amway's IBOs and their customers.

PartnersIn 2001 Amway Europe's partnership with UNICEF became part of the Cause Strategy. In 2005 Amway UK's contribution to the partnership was deepened through the development of a corporate partnership. This Corporate Partnership is a closer longer term relationship which benefits both parties. Working together the two parties raise money for UNICEF. At the same time this helps to build Amway's reputation.

The objective is to raise 500,000 Euros (approximately £325,000) every year until 2010 across Amway Europe.

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