Creating a corporate social responsibility strategy
An Amway case study

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Page 3: Growth and responsibility

Amway product shotAn understanding of how Amway operates as an organisation gives a clearer picture of the contribution it can make to helping children in need across the globe.

Amway distributes a range of branded products. These products are sold by IBOs worldwide. The IBOs are self employed and are highly motivated. They work to Amway's Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethicswhich are about being honest and responsible in trading. IBOs sell to people that they know or meet. They can introduce others to the Amway business.

Typical products that IBOs sell include:

  • personal care - fragrances, body care
  • skin care and cosmetics
  • durables such as cookware and water treatments systems
  • nutrition and wellness products such as food supplements, food and drinks.

IBOs play a key part in helping Amway to deliver its global Cause Programme.

Amway launched the One by One Campaign for Children in 2002 across the whole organisation. This programme:

  • helps Amway to bring its vision to life
  • declares what the company stands for
  • builds trust and respect in Amway brands
  • establishes Corporate Social Responsibility to a high level.

Examples of activities under the One by One program include:

  • helping to set up a boat school for fishermen's children in China
  • helping to organise a Children's Day Party for 3,000 orphans
  • providing Braille books for blind children in India.

Clearly the programme fits with the partnership with UNICEF and is a key motivating tool for IBOs who share the vision.

As a business Amway is able to grow by:

  • More IBOs joining the Amway business opportunity - Amway's IBOs live and trade in over 80 markets and territories worldwide.
  • IBOs selling more products - Salesby IBOs increase. This is partly because IBOs are entrepreneurial and committed to their work. It is also as a result of the support and range of products provided by Amway.
  • Motivating IBOs - People are motivated if they believe in the products they sell and the company they represent. IBOs are pleased to work for a company with a high reputation.

There is a natural fit between Amway's desire to meet people's needs and the way that UNICEF champions the needs of the world's children. This fit exists in a number of ways as both Amway and UNICEF:

  • are global organisations
  • benefit from a high level of public and consumer trust
  • are dedicated to helping people live better lives.

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