Focusing a brand product range
An Amway case study

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Page 7: Packaging

One of the most important challenges for Amway's team of experts was to develop the appropriate customized product packaging for the new Satinique products. It was important to create a brand image for the total product range. The image created would reflect a great deal about the product and its consumers. This is known as positioning the product within the market.

Packaging can be crucial to the success of a new product and Amway went to great lengths to ensure that Satinique's packaging and design appealed to the target audience.

The Institute for Colour Research, a leading American analyst and forecaster of global colour trends, helped to determine the colour palette and finishes for the packaging. The colours are light, elegant, soft and culturally appealing.

Soft, metallic white gives a sense of clarity, while the blue caps represent water and blue sky. The silver metallic touches add luxury and spice. All the colours are designed to suggest cleanliness.

This design can be used to create a brand image and brings together the product collection. The exclusive look mirrors that used in the cosmetics sector and reinforces the quality message.

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