Focusing a brand product range
An Amway case study

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Page 6: The target audience

Some companies will aim their products at the entire population, others will try to differentiate. Splitting the whole market up into various groups is known as market segmentation.

Although it was recognised that groups such as children, men and teenagers are likely to become targets in the future, the Satinique range was aimed at adult females between 25 and 44 years of age.

Extensive market research into this segment shows that women are often looking for new products and technologies that will provide a more satisfying hair care experience. From the data collected, it is possible to build up a typical consumer profile to describe current buying behaviour.

A typical consumer from this target group:

  • is probably a professional woman
  • is very hair conscious and always wants to look her best
  • wants professional, salon quality products
  • buys hair care products from shops and hairdressing salons
  • relies on recommendations from friends when making hair care purchase decisions
  • makes buying decisions based on clinical evidence.

Having decided on the target audience, the marketing team turns its attention to the marketing mix. In this case it would focus particularly on the pricing strategy, the promotional campaign and, most importantly, the packaging.

A team of experts was brought together to ensure that all aspects of the new product were covered. Amway employed Dr Phillip Wertz, a leading expert in ceramide technology and Nancy Flinn an expert on the hair care industry and its products. Dragoco, an internationally renowned fragrance house, was brought in to cover design and development.

Aesthete, a world class Parisian design team, and experts from the Institute for Colour Research looked at global trends in packaging colours before designing the packaging. John Gillespie, a hair stylist with an international reputation was employed for public relations, merchandising and guest appearances.

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