Meeting customers' needs through the Internet
An Amway case study

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In recent years the Internet has moved closer to the heart of the communications strategy of many different organisations.

The Internet combines two simple ideas. Firstly, that computers can be linked together; not just one computer to another, but many different computers to each other. Secondly, concepts and key ideas can be linked across different documents. For example, the word advice when clicked may take a website user to another document that provides advice. This is known as hypertext. These links need not all be in one place.

A website enables people to communicate, no matter where they are or when they work. This brings huge advantages to organisations that centre their communication strategy around the Internet with a view to keeping their many Internet-linked customers happy.

Decision-takers have to make strategic decisions that affect their organisation's long-term direction. Many cannot afford to ignore the Internet. It is here to stay and has forced businesses to rethink their operations. Although it is a potentially exciting medium, it challenges businesses to devise ways of taking maximum advantage of what it can offer.

This Case Study illustrates how Amway uses the Internet not just for communication but also to serve wider needs by linking the organisation's logistical and production operations to its consumers (customers) through millions of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) worldwide.

Amway | Meeting customers' needs through the Internet