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Page 3: Marketing objectives

Amway 4 Image 4A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve the goals of the organisation. In creating a marketing strategy for the Super Concentrated Cleaning System, Amway needed to set out the key objectives it wanted to achieve. The following objectives for the brand were set:

  • to increase distributor profitability and productivity by providing a new and exciting business opportunity
  • to optimise consumer convenience and value through enhanced product differentiation with this exclusive and revolutionary cleaning system
  • to provide innovative and unique products to enhance the image of Amway Home Care.

In order to make this strategy work, it was essential to think very carefully about the position that the new product would take in the market-place. The chosen position was to be:

'A revolutionary product system that provides the ultimate in customer convenience and control by automatically diluting and delivering the cleaning concentrates with water, providing customised cleaning at your fingertips, according to the customer's needs.'

The product's success would depend, to a certain extent, on the ability of Amway's marketing department to get this message across to distributors and ultimately to consumers. If the product was successful, it would create a winning situation for Amway, its distributors and consumers. Amway would benefit from:

  • environmental source reduction
  • selling a quality product which would increase revenue and provide an ongoing contribution to business profits
  • reduced shipping and storage costs with more value added. The small, concentrated nature of the product would make it easier to distribute and would yield higher returns.

Distributors would benefit from:

  • selling a winning solution with world-wide exclusivity
  • selling a product with a high return per unit sold
  • repeat orders from satisfied customers.

Consumers would benefit from a range of innovative product features and benefits including:

  • high value relative to price
  • convenience
  • high performance
  • environmental sustainability.

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