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Amway 4 Image 2There are many cleaning products on the market. Visit your local supermarket and you will quickly find the aisle which is filled with similar-looking cleaning fluids, produced by a relatively small number of companies. However, most of these cleaning products are single purpose ones and are produced by manufacturers to standard specifications. Many cleaning products lack versatility, i.e. they can only be used for one particular task and in one particular way. Consumers, therefore, buy and store a whole range of inflexible products. You can check this out simply by examining the range of cleaning fluids that are stored in your own home. However, today's consumer does not want to spend valuable leisure time shopping for dozens of different cleaning products.

In September 1995, Amway launched the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner - the Amway Super Concentrated Cleaning System - a unique all-in-one product. The Super Concentrated Cleaning System is a three-in-one unit that saves time and money. Unlike many cleaning products, this innovative system dilutes the cleaning product to suit the job. It is operated through a sprayer gun which locks onto one of three new super concentrated versions of Amway's top selling Home Care products - Liquid Organic Cleaner (LOC), See Spray Glass Cleaner and Zoom Spray Cleaner.

  • LOC Super Concentrate - cleans any household surface that water will not damage, e.g. walls, floors, appliances, woodwork, work surfaces, dishes and utensils. It can also be used for washing hands and to spot treat hand-washable, colour-fast fabrics.
  • See Spray Super Concentrate - for all glass surfaces, windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic tiles.
  • Zoom Super Concentrate - quickly removes tough grease stains and oily grime

Each of these products comes in a new 250ml formulation which is four times the concentration of the litre-sized products. The sprayer holds a water bottle and dilution dial that enables the user to dilute the cleaning product to tackle every home cleaning problem - from floors, walls and windows to bathrooms and kitchens. The dial provides dilution levels from zero (all water) to five (all product) and the whole system fits in a lightweight caddy that is easy to carry around the house. The dilution control is quick and easy to use so that there is no messy measuring or pouring.

As with all Amway home cleaning products, the Super Concentrated Cleaning System uses only biodegradable surfactants. In addition, the new system uses 50less packaging than equivalent one litre products and all packaging is readily biodegradable. The importance of providing consumer benefits

The importance of providing consumer benefits

Amway 4 Image 3One of the most important lessons to learn about successful marketing is that consumers do not buy products, they buy benefits. For example, when you buy a compact CD player, you may look for one which:

  • is stylish
  • gives good value for money
  • has the latest technology
  • will not get broken easily
  • gives the best quality sound reproduction.

You are, therefore, seeking a CD player which includes a whole range of benefits. Some of these are sensory benefits, e.g. the colour and look of the CD player, some relate to value, e.g. the price in relation to the quality of the product, whilst others relate to convenience, e.g. the ease with which the player can be stored or carried around.
The same sorts of considerations can be related to cleaning products. The customer will want cleaning products that:

  • are easy to use and control
  • have desirable sensory qualities (i.e. look and smell nice)
  • are easy to store
  • give good value for money.

Outlined below is a range of benefits provided by the Super Concentrated Cleaning System:
1. Tote tray

  • collapsible handle
  • lightweight
  • easy to carry.

2. Super Concentrated Cleaners

  • powerful cleaners
  • save shelf space
  • non-spillable bottle plugs.

3. Water bottle

  • refillable bottle which fits next to the product.

4. Sprayer

  • no mess, no fuss, no waste
  • guaranteed for two years with domestic use, giving lasting durability.

4a) Sprayer Dial

  • lets you dilute the cleaner to suit the job
  • easy to use settings from 0-5
  • automatically dilutes the product with water to the concentration required for the job.

4b) Spray nozzle

  • adjusts to spray or stream.

5. Trigger

  • convenience at your fingertips.

6. Grip

  • designed for control and comfort.

7. Lock tab

  • locks bottles into place
  • allows quick and easy change to another product.

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