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An Amway case study

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Page 5: Tactics of the launch

Amway 4 Diagram 2In Business, there is an important distinction between strategy and tactics. A strategy is a plan or practical measure designed to achieve certain objectives, while the tactics are the actions taken to implement the strategy and achieve these objectives.
The strategy relating to the launch of the Super Concentrated Cleaning System involved three stages:

  • Stage 1: to build excitement
  • Stage 2: to create awareness
  • Stage 3: to build product knowledge.

Building excitement usually involves informing the consumer that a new product will shortly be available. Suspense is created by providing very few details of what the product actually is. Nearer the launch, you start to give the public a clearer idea of the product and its attributes. Finally, after the launch, you need to carry out a lot of hard work to build up an understanding of the brand and its advantages so that you build up a solid base of consumers.

One of Amway's best communications vehicles is its regular magazine, Amagram, which provides product details to its distributors. The communications programme devised for the launch of the Super Concentrated Cleaning System began with individual quarter page teaser adverts in Amagram and then built up to a full page spread prior to launch. In terms of communications literature Amway created:

  • a customer brochure to create the contact and build product awareness among customers
  • a solution guide for the proper use of the products
  • a demonstration kit to help distributors create a professional image and effectively demonstrate the performance of the product.

Post launch analysis

Amway 4 Image 5Following a product launch, it is vitally important for an organisation to assess how well the product has been received by the consumer. Since the launch of the Super Concentrated Cleaning System, Amway has carried out some detailed research to assess the success of the product and highlight areas for building the brand. The analysis has found that distributors have identified a number of strengths including:

  • the innovative, unique nature of the product
  • ease of use
  • easy of carrying
  • ease of changing between the different products
  • automatic dilution
  • clear bottles so that the product can be seen.

The weaknesses identified in the research are that it is difficult to compare usage with the old one-litre bottles, that the multilingual label appears cluttered and that the tote tray is too small.

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