Using communications to develop business opportunities
An Amway case study

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Page 7: Clarifying business opportunities

Acceptable business procedures must be developed when a large number of distributors representing a single organisation, all work independently. It is important that communications from Amway provide a moral direction for its distributors but, at the same time, allows them to develop their own identity.

The Amway Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics conform to the DTI's requirements and define the rights, duties and responsibilities of Amway distributors. Other communications are also designed to reaffirm acceptable moral principles.

The manner in which a salesperson deals with an ethical issue can have far reaching consequences not just on that individual but also upon the organisation as a whole. For example, distributors must not mislead customers on the claims of a product in order to achieve a sale.

Direct selling is about person-to-person marketing where the salesperson must have credibility and trust. The processes of communication at Amway are designed to help distributors become well trained and professional in all their dealings.

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