Using communications to develop business opportunities
An Amway case study

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Page 5: Other communication channels

The circumstances under which a business communicates constantly change. Organisations have to constantly review their communication systems to ensure the correct messages are transmitted in the correct way to the required audiences.

For Amway, this means that different communication media are required for a range of purposes. For example:

  • Direct distributors are targeted via a monthly mail-out
  • Packing slips have short messages printed on them
  • A telephone team at the Amway Information Centre handles ongoing enquiries
  • Amway has recently launched their first ever brand advertising campaign. In an ever-competitive market-place, it has been used to raise brand awareness.

Perhaps the most rapidly developing global communication forum is the Internet. For a company like Amway, with distributors all over the world, the potential of the Internet, as a communication mechanism, is enormous.

The Internet serves as an important information source and offers the Amway Corporation a platform to define 'Amway,' its opportunities, products and association. The Amway (UK) Limited web-site is interesting and informative, containing many different facts about the Amway Business in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands. Pages in the Amway (UK) Limited web-site refer to:

  • What is Amway (UK) Limited?
  • Amway (UK) & the Community
  • The Amway (UK) Product Range
  • The Amway (UK) Business Opportunity
  • Amway (UK) News.

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