Social responsibility - using resources more efficiently
An Anglo American case study

Page 2: Aims and objectives

Businesses need to have clear aims to work towards. Aims are the long term intentions of a business. They provide a focus for its activities. Anglo American”s aims are clearly set out in its mission. The aims involve a triple bottom line. Anglo American”s “triple bottom line” measures its economic, social and environmental performance.

Anglo American seeks to balance the triple bottom line across all its activities - projects and operations. This would translate into:

  • making a profit for shareholders
  • providing returns to society by providing jobs or showing responsibility in international, national and local communities
  • minimising any negative effects on the natural environment.

Every business needs to break down its broad aims into more specific objectives. Objectives are the medium-term “stepping stones” that help a business achieve its aims. For Anglo American, these include:

Anglo American | Social responsibility - using resources more efficiently

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