Social responsibility - using resources more efficiently
An Anglo American case study

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Page 4: Strategy

Aims and objectives set out the ends that firms are seeking to achieve. A strategy is the medium- to long-term plan by which the aims and objectives are met. Anglo American”s strategy is to create ways of working within the company that focus on sustainable development and balancing the triple bottom line.


Anglo American has six guiding values. The values help to create a culture focusing on sustainability. The culture of an organisation is the typical pattern of behaviours and beliefs held by its members. The culture affects the attitudes, management styles and decisions made by the staff.

An important way in which a firm can shape this culture is by setting out a values statement. This clarifies what the organisation believes in. For example, the safety of people is a core value of Anglo American. The goal is that of causing zero harm. Everyone in the organisation understands the importance of working to reduce energy use and waste creation.

Strategic programmes

In addition, Anglo American has a range of strategic programmes designed to develop innovative ways to use new technology. The result is reduced energy use and fewer emissions. Some of the programmes are specific to a particular site. Others work across the organisation. Examples of these strategic programmes include:

  • Investing in carbon capture technology. Coal fired power stations generate carbon dioxide emissions. New technology can be used to capture this carbon before release into the atmosphere. It can then be stored safely, e.g. underground.
  • Investing in alternative energy such as wind power.
  • Creating plans and actions for recycling water.
  • Centralising the global supply chain. This can cut down journey times and distances that materials travel.

Anglo American”s strategy is to protect the environment and minimise the impact of its operations. Anglo American also aims to make a sustainable and positive difference to community development. This involves acting with integrity to build respectful relationship within the societies in which it works.

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