The recruitment, selection and training of people at Arcadia
An Arcadia case study

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Page 2: Recruitment

Management trainee progressionThe success of Arcadia relies on the quality of its employees, such as its store managers and its sales staff. To attract the right applicants the company must have an effective recruitment process.

Recruitment occurs both at store level (with each store recruiting its own sales advisors) and centrally. Arcadia's Head Office is using specially designed management development programmes to target two groups: school leavers, and newly qualified graduates.

With these programmes Arcadia is looking to recruit the next generation of students who are passionate about a career in retailing and able to become future leaders in the business.

  • The Retail Management Trainee Programme (MTP) targets students with 2 A levels or equivalent.
  • The Graduate Retail Management Programme targets students who have Graduated from University.

To attract applications the company:

  • attends career fairs and presentations
  • produces advertisements and posters
  • uses in-store communications
  • advertises on the company website (

When recruiting new employees Arcadia looks for specific abilities. These are called competencies. The key competencies are:

  • working with people
  • putting the customer first
  • maximising impact
  • inspiring performance
  • driving the business forward
  • making the right choices
  • understanding the role.

Recruitment is an important part of workforce planning. Organisations must anticipate their workforce needs and take actions to meet these. At Arcadia, the opening of new stores and the expansion of existing outlets means more staff must be recruited.

Arcadia | The recruitment, selection and training of people at Arcadia