Identifying customers and meeting their needs
An Argos case study

Page 5: Harnessing technology to meet customer needs

Many consumers today are cash-rich but time-poor. Fortunately most people (particularly the young) have high levels of competence when it comes to using modern technologies such as mobile phones and computers. Argos therefore uses a variety of modern channels to communicate with customers and to provide them with avenues for enquiring about availability of stock, and for making purchases.

Many customers like to browse the Argos catalogue in the comfort of their own home. A large proportion of orders are still made in store, but an increasing proportion are being made online and by telephone.

There are a number of channels for receiving goods including collection from the store and using the home delivery service. In line with the development of new technologies and market research.  Argos has also introduced new innovations such as text and take home and Quick Pay kiosks.

Argos | Identifying customers and meeting their needs


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