Changing the views of business
An Arlington case study

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Page 5: Responding to change

Arlington 4 Image 5Arlington Securities is building on its strengths, by using its brand leadership and experience to expand its services. As part of its commitment to focus on its customers, Arlington has rebranded the company and its parks to reflect a softer and more direct image.

To achieve its aims, Arlington has rationalised its organisation into five distinct operating divisions. This has given the organisation greater flexibility and the ability to become more focused in different areas of its business operations. Dividing an organisation into divisions according to the product or service it provides is advantageous because each sector then concentrates purely on its own market area. Having distinct operating divisions also allows the organisation to assess the profitability and effectiveness of each sector. These moves will enable Arlington to establish a sensible ratio of working capital. (Working capital is important as it provides a stream of revenue that may be required in order to meet liabilities quickly. It is calculated by subtracting current liabilities from current assets.) Distinct operating divisions also enable staff to specialise in their own areas of expertise which ensures quality of product and a greater commitment to customers.

Arlington Securities is now comprised of:

Arlington Property Developments: Arlington Property Developments will continue to provide environments in which businesses can thrive through developing and marketing Arlington’s national portfolio of business parks. It will continue to offer a range of occupancy and building options as well as land sales.

Arlington Business Services: Arlington Business Services will offer a total workspace solution to its customers. It will provide services in exchange for an all-in-one charge, resulting in occupiers having a transparent view of the total cost of their premises. The range of services will include the move to a business park, the design and installation of IT services, the bulk purchase of utilities such as gas, water, power and communications, as well as gardening, catering and general facilities. There is also the opportunity for companies to take shorter leases where preferred.

Arlington Development Management: Arlington’s Development Management division has evolved as a result of the company’s commitment to quality in the business park environment. Arlington has continued to develop its ability to achieve best practice in materials as well as in methods. It will build on its expertise in development management not just in its own schemes but in providing development management expertise to co-ordinate the design and construction of facilities for others on land of their choice.

Arlington Property Investments: Arlington Property Investments will create an environment in which Arlington can generate its own income to ensure smooth growth over the longterm. Because Arlington produces a quality product which brings excellent revenues, Arlington has attracted 37 institutional investors to its product and has also built an investment portfolio with a current value of £200 million.

Arlington International Developments: Arlington International Developments will look for European opportunities for business park development. Arlington aims to link its expertise and experience to the local knowledge of a partner to add maximum value to this venture.

A seamless, integrated service: Although Arlington has five distinct operating divisions, the different parts of the business work together to provide a seamless, integrated service product. Arlington markets a combined package, i.e. the customer buys one product from one supplier, with Arlington managing everything from the construction of the building to installing the computer systems and furniture.

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