Changing the views of business
An Arlington case study

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Page 2: Supply chain economics

Arlington 4 Image 2A supply chain exists for all goods and services. For some services, the supply chain may be complex and have many different stages, so that goods and services have to be sourced from many different suppliers. Arlington Securities has become a full service provider and this has simplified the supply chain for Arlington’s customers, i.e. customers contact Arlington, instead of having to deal with a number of suppliers for each different service. Arlington provides the whole package of services for its customers through a process of forward vertical integration. Simplification of the supply chain not only reduces the number of suppliers its customers have to use but also helps them to benefit from savings that
Arlington can provide.

Arlington business parks attract leading national and international organisations. Kumho, the Korean tyre distributor has recently acquired one of Arlington’s speculative buildings on a sixteen year leasehold agreement. The Kings Court development in Birmingham will house Kumho’s European Technical Centre and has been chosen primarily for its superb communication links by road, rail and air.

Chemtek, one of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors of chemical cleaning products, has relocated to Arlington’s Coventry business park. Chemtek has chosen a freehold site where it will develop its headquarters. Chemtek chose an Arlington business park because of the opportunities Arlington offered for expansion. Vodafone has recently increased its freehold space by purchasing two acres of land from Arlington Securities and now occupies several properties on the park. Perhaps the most significant endorsement of Arlington’s leadership in business park development has been the appointment of Arlington by TAG McLaren to manage the development of its headquarters.

Not surprisingly, Arlington has become the only commercial property developer with a commonly accepted brand name. A reputable brand image promotes wider acceptability of a product, fosters loyalty and contributes to providing organisations with a stable product. Some people say that branding gives consumers an assurance that they are purchasing a quality product on which they can rely. Arlington business parks are known throughout the property market. Occupiers and investors value the quality of Arlington’s product for the benefits it provides to both business operations and investment value. Arlington Securities has recently been approved by a leading certification body to international quality standard ISO9001.

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