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Page 5: Culture

Arm 18 Image 4As well as external factors, many other factors within an organisation have a huge impact on its business strategies. Every organisation has a typical way of doing things, known as the organisation’s culture. This particularly relates to employees’ behaviour patterns and relationships. A culture is not developed overnight, it takes time to build and will be heavily influenced by the organisation’s vision and values.

ARM’s culture is one of honesty and accountability. This in turn creates trust amongst its employees and stakeholders and supports its values of team building and its ‘can do’ approach. The leadership at ARM creates a supportive working environment by using its personal development and ecosystem strategies to maximise employee potential and innovation.

ARM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives both reflect and enhance the company’s culture and HR strategies. CSR involves taking into account the wider needs of society to ensure the business has a positive impact. In 2012, ARM set a CSR objective to develop relationships with charities to create long-term value for both the charity and ARM. This was achieved using the following tactics:

  • ARM entered into partnerships with Code Club and the Raspberry Pi Foundation to encourage the development of skills in computer programming and STEM subjects amongst young people.
  • ARM is committed to helping both causes through financial and mentoring support.

Arm 18 Image 3ARM involvement with Code Club and the Raspberry Pi Foundation aims to increase children and young adults’ exposure to computer programming and the opportunities available through studying STEM subjects. It is hoped that this will help develop the necessary skills to be technology leaders of the future. This demonstrates how ARM CSR activities bring benefit to both the charities and ARM’s HR strategies of workforce planning.

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