Fuelling the digital revolution
An ARM case study

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Page 3: Meeting the challenges of the economy

With ever-increasing emphasis upon knowledge, ARM has become a business built around intellectual property. ARM’s technology provides its partners around the world with the opportunity to develop new products based upon its architecture. An ARM Powered chip is the driving force behind those products - it is ARM’s expertise that has helped bring these products to life.

A key element of intellectual property is re-usability. For example, all ARM Powered chips are based upon the same architecture making them compatible with an increasing number of products as the range of applications expands. This means that the software written for ARM solutions in the early 90s can also be used in ARM core-based chips today.

Creating a culture of participation

Smaller units are able to place more value upon people and encourage them to take ownership of their ideas and responsibility for the issues that face them. With just 700 employees worldwide, ARM has created a participative working environment. Ambitious goals are met by ambitious people. The challenge for ARM is to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving digital world, so its architecture continues to be used across an increasing range of applications.

ARM | Fuelling the digital revolution