Motivation within an innovative work environment
An ARM case study

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Page 2: Motivation

atrium-2-(2)-(3)Motivation is the level of commitment individuals have to what they are doing. Motivation theory is concerned with how individuals behave in the workplace.

By understanding what motivates individuals it is possible to create an efficient workplace. It also helps to ensure that employees are happy at work. This in turn will create satisfied employees, who will work with more enthusiasm and focus on the goals of the organisation.

Research has indicated that around 75% of an organisation’s employees are neither ‘engaged’ nor ‘disengaged’. Considering ARM’s description of how engagement can drive performance, this means that, if more of these employees were engaged, the organisations could expect to improve performance.

Benefits of motivating people

Motivating people benefits not just the individual. It also provides significant benefits for the business. A series of values help to underpin ARM’s approach to motivation. These include respecting and involving others, being proactive and adopting a ‘can-do’ approach to solving problems. For example, ARM employees work in teams within which they are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly and act on behalf of the business. They are also encouraged to produce solutions to problems. This all helps not just the business but also their personal development.

By working as a team, ARM’s engineers are able to develop the highest performance, lowest power chips in the world which have long battery life whilst enjoying ever greater functionality. The team not only draws on the expertise of each individual but also works with internal customers, such as sales and marketing. They also have direct contact with customers to ensure they get the product they want. This is all about collaborating to create novel products.

p1_arm-2Motivation within HR strategy

ARM demonstrates how it gains employee engagement through the various elements of its HR strategy of global team working:

  • Buying into and sharing common values supports a collaborative approach to innovation.
  • Sharing knowledge helps to develop relationships and networks within the business and leads to the creation of new ideas.
  • Developing talent through training to acquire or improve expertise benefits individuals but also helps to ensure ARM will have key skills despite global shortages in some areas.
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to grow into new roles also supports succession planning for future leadership.
  • Various reward systems, including equity in the company, recognise individual and team effort.

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