Meeting business needs through training and development
An Asda case study

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Page 4: Progression routes

p3_asda-3There are many different roles within ASDA, from shop floor colleagues and specialist roles like bakery, to fashion buyers and lawyers. The career path shown is for a GSM who wants to develop to a ROM. Working in several different stores provides GSMs with the experience and background to operate effectively in a ROM role.

Mark, a GSM who has recently opened a new ASDA store in Cumbria, says: ‘I joined ASDA as a shop floor colleague in 1990. I knew nothing about retail but my Careers Advisor suggested I apply to ASDA as it looked an exciting place to work. I believe that the development programmes here have been a key part of my career progression. I have been a Grocery colleague, a Night Manager, a Training Manager and a Project Manager at our Home Office in Leeds. I became a GSM about three years ago. Since then I have developed personally and professionally through working as a store manager in three different stores.

Prior to becoming a GSM, all managers will usually work as an Ambient Trading Manager or Fresh Trading Manager. These roles are responsible for the whole range of food trading, home shopping and warehousing within a store. This on-the-job experience gives colleagues a better insight into the complexities of the business.

They become aware of all aspects of the store, not just the management issues. For example, the warehousing experience is very important in order to learn first-hand the practicalities of effective stock control. This enables prospective GSMs to understand the implications of efficiently managing costs and minimising wastage.

Kieran, Retail Graduate to ROM

Another ASDA colleague, Kieran, started as a Retail Graduate with ASDA and has now progressed to a ROM role. He says: ‘Iasda-closeupwoman was working at ASDA whilst studying for a degree in Law so I applied to the ASDA graduate scheme. After my initial training, I started as a Home & Leisure Manager. I then moved around different roles before becoming a Senior Manager. A year later I moved into ASDA House (Home Office) to work as Project Manager to the Chief Executive. A year after moving back into retail and running my own store, I became Regional Availability Manager. ASDA lets managers take risks on people and gives them a chance – with the right support you can go very far, very fast. Retail is open to all, and if you have the right attitude, work hard and deliver, you will get on. How quickly or how far is up to you.

ASDA offers a personalised approach to developing skills and leadership behaviours. Colleagues have the chance to experience different business environments, perhaps in a Supercentre, Distribution Centre or in a role in Home Office (Head Office).

At all levels, including moving from a GSM to a ROM role, development must be driven by the colleague and relies on individual activity and personal motivation. ASDA colleagues must take responsibility for their personal development.

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