Meeting business needs through training and development
An Asda case study

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Page 2: Training and development

Training involves acquiring new skills and knowledge in relation to a current role. Development relates to a person’s potential to acquire wider capabilities. ASDA uses both to support its mission and to benefit the business and colleagues. The retail sector offers a long-term career path. By developing colleagues with the potential to be GSMs, ASDA has put in place a robust long-term succession plan to develop the ROMs of the future.

GSMs are like managing directors – many have responsibility for 500+ colleagues and sales turnover of over £1 million a week. They need to be able to demonstrate a wide range of behaviours and technical skills. They are responsible for:

  • leadership – leading their store teamsgroup-huddle-q4z0193-cmyk
  • celebrating achievement and managing under-performance, supporting improvement where needed
  • coaching and developing colleagues and managers
  • setting goals and agreeing priorities by responding to change and spotting opportunities
  • being a role model for the ASDA Way of Working - an approach whereby all colleagues are engaged and involved in improving the business – through inspiring and coaching others.

ASDA uses both on-the-job and off-the-job training to develop colleagues at all levels. As a GSM begins their transition to a ROM role, they need to complete several different types of activities.

On-the-job training

On-the-job, GSMs begin to experience the ROM role in order to put their skills into practice. On-the-job activities account for 80% of their development and it is up to the individual to drive their own development opportunities. Examples include:

  • covering their ROM’s duties when they are on holiday
  • receiving guidance from a mentor on the Retail Board (a senior manager)
  • attending meetings on behalf of the ROM
  • owning regional projects.

 Off-the-job training

Off-the-job, GSMs develop the skills needed to be a ROM through modules and a series of external coaching. These accountasdatwofemalestafflaughing for around 20% of the overall development:

  • ‘Being at my Best’ – this programme focuses on emotional intelligence and supports GSMs to understand their strengths and areas for development.
  • ‘Multi-site coaching’ – improves an individual’s capability to coach across the range of GSMs using different coaching conversations and styles.
  • ‘Influencing across the business’ – provides an opportunity to learn how to communicate in a compelling way.
  • ‘Thought Leadership’ – develops the capability to lead a team through innovation, creative thinking and leading with courage.
  • GSMs also receive telephone coaching to support them and address development needs.

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