Meeting stakeholder needs through community involvement
An Asda case study

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Page 5: Benefits to stakeholders

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Under the ASDA in the Community programme, customers enjoy a whole range of advantages. Many of these gains are locally focused. Colleagues get involved in good causes and help to raise funds for them. One example is the Brake Walking Bus, a road safety charity that encourages children to walk to school safely and teaches them about road safety. ASDA helped this cause break a World Record when over 50,000 children took part last year.

Local sourcing of products helps to meet the needs of suppliers and customers in specific areas, and ASDA also helps with local recycling campaigns. All in all, ASDA colleagues spend many hours outside the stores helping in the community. Other benefits are aimed at some of the wider causes, such as the Tsunami and the Pakistan earthquake appeals, as well as to more established causes such as its Tickled Pink campaign, supporting Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign.

As part of this process of community concern, ASDA's colleagues feel more valued. A 'We're Listening' survey was conducted and this showed a real step up in how they felt. Working with the community had become a high source of colleague motivation. This was because colleagues were driven by:

  • action - they felt that their role was not just about going to work to earn money, but was also about helping the community
  • recognition - stores have been graded for what they are doing with the community. Each year colleagues want to make improvements to the community programme in order to get better grades
  • initiative - colleagues have been set SMART targets. This means they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely for community involvement. Colleagues are free to decide the best way to meet these targets. This means that they are not being told what to do, but have the freedom to use their ideas for the benefit of the society and decide what will truly reflect the needs of their specific local community.

Where colleagues feel better and more motivated, this reduces colleague turnover and the subsequent training and development costs of new ones. It also makes them feel more valued and helps them to work towards meeting the values at the heart of ASDA's mission.

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