Meeting stakeholder needs through community involvement
An Asda case study

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Page 2: Mission, purpose and values

Mission purpose value

Managers who make decisions that affect the route of an organisation need to show those choices to others. The way in which ASDA does this is through its mission, purpose and values. These statements are designed to help stakeholders understand the direction in which the company is heading.

A mission statement sets out the long-term direction of the organisation. ASDA's mission is: 'to be Britain's best-value retailer exceeding customer needs always'.

As well as having a mission statement, ASDA has a statement of purpose. This helps stakeholders to understand why the business exists. ASDA's purpose is 'To make goods and services more affordable for everyone'.

ASDA also has a series of values. These are moral statements that help to encapsulate the company's beliefs which then determine the decisions and actions it takes in the marketplace.

ASDA's values are:

  • respect for the individual
  • strive for excellence
  • service to our customers.

To aid new colleagues at ASDA in understanding what the mission statement, purpose and values stand for, they are given a 25-hour induction programme called 'Best Welcome'.

Every year ASDA researches statements through an intranet survey. This data helps to ensure that, at every level within the company, colleagues, teams, departments and managers see how the mission, purpose and values should power the decisions they take.

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