Achieving Better Public Services - The Work of the Audit Commission
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Page 2: Roles

Working for the Audit Commission gives individuals an opportunity to help make local services better. This improves the lives of those who depend upon such services.

Within the Audit Commission, there are many different jobs with varying levels of duties. They may start in junior posts, where staff might be involved with a range of administrative activities. It is possible for them to move upwards to supervisory posts, where they might be managing teams of people.

Role ProgressionA principal auditor will carry out audits and supervise a team and have the duties of looking after key areas of audits. They also help their trainees to gain their professional accounting qualifications.

An audit manager plays a key role in planning and managing complex audits. This involves helping clients to develop a perception of issues and provide service improvements to those living in local areas.

A district auditor leads and manages a team of auditors within a region in the UK, while building relationships with the client. This will involve inspiring and motivating the team as they audit local authorities, report their findings to members of the public and make proposals.

There are three main areas in which the Audit Commission recruits. These are:

  1. Financial audit - Financial auditors are mainly qualified accountants. They work in teams with clients, such as local authorities. Their work will involve them using accounting standards to judge the effectiveness of public services, part of which may involve examining fraud and testing financial systems.
  2. Performance audit - These people will typically have worked in the public sector. They work with and support providers of public services in order to help them improve the quality of delivery.
  3. Support - The Audit Commission employs many others who are there to ensure that the core business is delivered well. Some of these people work in research posts and within internal finance. Others work in human resources, information technology, communications and legal.

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