Targeting a market segment
An Australia case study

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Page 5: Targeting younger travellers

Australia 7 Image 7A marketing communicator starts with a clear target audience in mind. Having targeted the youth market, it was important to develop a message that elicited an appropriate response. The aim of the communication process was to encourage young people not just to think about, but to make a decision to go to Australia. With young travellers, the approach was to communicate the aspects of Australia that would most appeal to them:

  • young, vibrant, dynamic - city life
  • innovative - lifestyle, food and wine, culture
  • active and sporty - beaches, trails, surf and sports facilities
  • fun-loving - places to party, with festivals and events.

At the same time, it was important to help young people to think about what they do within Australia by highlighting:

  • the easiest travel options to move around Australia
  • the wide diversity within regions
  • the uniqueness of many Australian experiences.

Working holiday visas

Australia’s working holiday maker scheme aims to promote international understanding by allowing young people to experience the culture of another country. It allows young working holiday makers to have an extended holiday by supplementing their incomes through employment. Applications come from those between 18 and 30 without dependent children, and show that the main reason for coming to Australia is for a cultural and social holiday that promotes mutual understanding between Australia and other nations and they intend to supplement their funds with temporary work.

Meeting the objectives

The richness of the Australian experience creates many opportunities for targeting younger travellers. The ATC also received a huge boost with the opportunities presented by images from the Sydney Olympics, the Paralympic Games in 2000 and the millennium celebrations. As a result, there has been a significant growth of Europeans arriving in Australia increasing its market share of international tourism: at the same time, total visitor expenditure by overseas visitors within Australia has increased and this has increased export earnings from tourism as well as the number of people working within the tourism industry.

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