Targeting a market segment
An Australia case study

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An efficient marketing mix targets certain segments and then devises a specific package for each segment.  For example, YIT’s are typically single students who make their own travel arrangements.  Many are on a ‘gap year’ and travel either on their own or with friends.  YIT’s see themselves as travellers seeking experiences rather than as tourists seeing sights opting Australia 7 Image 4for low-price products, including hostel accommodation, bus passes, sporting activities, adventure and an immersion in the "fun" Australian lifestyle and people.


Positioning involves using the marketing mix in a way that takes into account the thoughts and perceptions of consumers when placing the product in a particular segment of the market.  In this instance, the product is Australia and the market is all travel experiences and opportunities open to YIT’s.

Traditionally, they were perceived to have less funds for travel and would book their ground arrangements in Australia.  This is beginning to change, with major tour operator partners in the United Kingdom enticing the YIT’s to book before they leave.

The UK positioning statement for Australia seeks to give the Australian experience a unique position in a clearly defined market.  It aims to develop communications and activities that are consistent with the perception that: ‘a holiday in Australia offers the LIBERATION of an OPEN OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE and OPTIMISTIC attitude to life.  It is a LAND of NATURAL WONDERS and UNSPOILT WIDE-OPEN SPACES’.

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