Making life easier for the motorist
An Autoglass case study

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Page 2: The Autoglass vision

Autoglass 5 Image 4The merger in 1984 brought together two very different firms, one a family business and the other much more process orientated. Nevertheless, the two complemented each other and this enabled the development of a ‘people first’ culture. Above all, Autoglass wanted to change from simply a garage service company into a customer service company.

On average, a motorist will need to replace a windscreen every ten years. It is a rare occurrence, but nonetheless stressful. Autoglass recognises that a new windscreen is a ‘grudge purchase’ and that most of its customers truly wish they did not have to call. With new laminated windscreens and the ability to repair minor damage, the need to replace the whole windscreen has become even less common, but unfortunately there has also been a rise in smash and grab car crime. This can serve only to heighten the consumer’s frustration and anxiety.

Autoglass 5 Diagram 2Autoglass has had at the core of its business, the objective of becoming and being recognised as a world class service provider. As such, Autoglass wants its customers to regard the company as amongst the best of all the service providers they encounter. This strategy has been developed into the circle of success.

The idea is that employee satisfaction can be achieved through a highly motivated, enthusiastic, well-developed and valued work force. This will lead directly to greater customer satisfaction. If customers are impressed with the service they receive, they are more likely to use Autoglass in the future, should the need arise. Repeat purchases lead to better business results and greater potential reward that will, in turn, reflect in improved employee satisfaction.

Autoglass | Making life easier for the motorist