Enhancing customer service
An Automobile Association (AA) case study

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Page 2: Achieving a mission

Modern organisations develop mission statements which are designed to provide a clarification of purpose, in order to generate commitment throughout the business. The group mission statement of the AA is encapsulated in the following consumer statement:

“I instinctively turn to the AA - you are always there, easy to reach and ready to help. You have standards I can trust and you impress me more every time you serve me and solve my problems.”

Automobile Association Aa 2 Image 3When every one of its members and customers can say this, the AA believes it will be irresistible. Customers buy goods and services from one organisation rather than another because the “winning organisation” provides better value for money by providing the “benefits” that consumers want at an attractive price.

The key to success is to provide these benefits in a competitive way. The usual route to competitive edge is through adding more value to your product than your competitor. In other words, to be highly successful, a business has to demonstrate to customers that the values it delivers are significantly more appealing than those offered by alternative organisations.

In business there is a saying that you don’t sell goods and services - you sell benefits. The reason for the success of the AA and other organisations like Marks & Spencer, British Steel, Kodak and IBM is that they have clearly demonstrated the provision of “excellent benefits” in their relevant markets.

Automobile Association (AA) | Enhancing customer service