Growing a brand in an unbranded market
An Avery case study

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Page 4: Marketing

Avery 6 Image 5Marketing involves understanding customers and meeting their needs. This has long been a major concern of Avery Dennison as the means to achieve business growth. Indeed, strategies of concentration, horizontal integration and diversification have all served to improve Avery Dennison’s capacity to meet its customers’ needs. An example of this is to be found in product diversification which now reaches into retail outlets and home use with the increasing penetration and use of PCs.

In the wider marketplace of advertising, packaging, design, barcoding and branding, the other divisions have managed to satisfy demanding, technology-led needs - in part by creating developmental alliances with companies in new technology and customers with specific application needs.

The application of new technologies in turn creates new customer needs. The PC revolution of the late 1980s in the office and more recently in the home led to a demand for labels that could be printed reliably in personal laser and inkjet printers. This presented quite a technical problem, given the temperature and the tortuous pathway paper must take on its way through a laser printer. The ability to produce the right kind of 'laser labels' while ensuring that templates were included within the most popular software, offered Avery Dennison the opportunity for a branded product, capable of winning the market for laser printing against inferior, non-compatible competition.

Adding value

Avery 6 Image 8Whilst branding within the office products market is common, few brands offer real value as distinct from merely achieving customer awareness. The problem, therefore, for Avery Dennison, as for any company, is how to add real value to a branded product.

The value in the case of Avery Dennison’s 'laser labels' is to be found in the software alliances, the quality of adhesive paper construction and the consumer promise offered. Unique amongst its competition the 'AVERY laser label' is advertised as 'jam-free' and accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee, while free helplines manned by dedicated Consumer Centre personnel offer ongoing advice and assistance.

Avery | Growing a brand in an unbranded market