The stockbroking revolution
A Barclays Stockbrokers case study

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Page 5: Getting the message across

In launching the new Internet service, it will be important to promote the main selling points and benefits. The message is simple:

‘Barclays Stockbrokers real time online trading - is the first of its kind in the UK; your price is confirmed as you are on the Net. It is not a message service like other stockbroking sites. The service is easy to use, has an attractive layout and interface, and is secure.’

Barclays Stockbrokers 4 Image 4One of the key aspects of launching the new Internet service to the UK financial press is to invite journalists and customers to try it out. Demonstrations will include buying a share and then selling it a few moments later in order to show how simple and effective the system is. The integrity of the product will be illustrated by giving a brief tour of the systems and safeguards in use and by offering comprehensive technical and security details to journalists.

Taking Internet share dealing forward

Internet share dealing will put the customer in charge and provide the client with a means of rapidly adjusting his or her portfolio of shares in order to maximise returns. The simplicity of the product is a major advantage, coupled with the strength and security of the Barclays master brand.

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