Communicating with stakeholders
A Bernard Matthews case study

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Page 3: Barriers to communication

Anything that affects the smooth flow of information is known as “noise”. This might be, for example, the language used, an inappropriate use of technology or the different levels of skill and knowledge of the sender and receiver.

For example, every day in the press and on TV, consumers are bombarded with often confusing or contradictory information about the health benefits or risks associated with different foods. Consumers may not have enough understanding or information to judge between conflicting messages. It is therefore not surprising that many people do not hear these messages and 'switch off'.

Bernard Matthews had to overcome a considerable amount of direct “noise” caused by the earlier negative press articles. By not responding to these immediately or correcting with facts, consumers were confused and the company lost credibility with the press and the public.

To achieve its vision and encourage consumers to eat turkey all year round, Bernard Matthews needed to give people more information in a way they could easily understand. It has therefore chosen to highlight key facts about turkey meat as the foundation for many of its messages.

These include the facts that turkey is tasty and versatile, high in protein, vitamins and minerals and that turkey breast has the lowest saturated fat levels of mainstream meats. It is also an efficient and sustainable product to produce.

Bernard Matthews | Communicating with stakeholders