Communicating with stakeholders
A Bernard Matthews case study

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Page 4: Communicating with internal stakeholders


The company needed to improve its communications with its internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are those individuals and groups within the organisation. They include the employees, the managers and directors of the business and its owners or shareholders.

Communications with internal stakeholders help to create a positive attitude within the company. This is particularly important when times are tough as employees may become de-motivated if they see negative stories about their company in the media.

Bernard Matthews aims to ensure that every employee understands the company’s business turnaround strategy and the steps it is taking to strengthen its brand. For example:

  • It produces a bilingual weekly newsletter for all employees. This provides news on business developments.
  • Staff also have access to news about the business on the company’s intranetsite.
  • Face-to-face meetings inform managers about progress and new initiatives.

Bernard Matthews is a private company. This means that it does not have the same legal obligations to publish formal, regular company reports as a public limited company would. However, it still keeps its owners and stakeholders informed through regular meetings and by publishing financial statements.

Bernard Matthews | Communicating with stakeholders