Communicating with stakeholders
A Bernard Matthews case study

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Page 2: What is communication?

p2_bernmatthews-2The communication process involves a sender (who), transmitting information (what), in a form (how) so that the receiver will understand.

To communicate effectively, Bernard Matthews needs to be clear about the messages it wants to convey. It also has to:

  • consider the intended receivers of the communication – its target audience
  • seek out the most effective communication channels in order to be heard against the ‘noise’ of competing claims about healthy diets
  • find ways to challenge the prejudices and preconceptions of consumers and other key target audiences.

Bernard Matthews firstly decided to focus messages on its core strengths and expertise – British turkey farming and providing great tasting turkey. The company committed to sourcing all its turkey meat from the UK. Additionally, it sold those parts of the business which diversified operations away from turkey.

Secondly, Bernard Matthews wanted to restore the reputation of the brand and challenge consumer misperceptions that turkey was just a processed food.  It would promote turkey as a tasty, versatile and healthy meat by improving consumer awareness through different communication methods. It also aimed to change consumers’ buying patterns by getting them to choose turkey as an everyday meat.

Bernard Matthews | Communicating with stakeholders