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Page 4: Consumer profiling

Bloomberg 6 Image 4With all types of media it is important to develop a consumer profile of the people who are accessing the channel. This is particularly important for providing a targeted basis for advertising, as well as further development and refining of products.

Bloomberg Television viewers are largely professionals who work for international companies and travel on business regularly. It reaches 183 million households and can be seen in over 151,000 hotel rooms worldwide.

Research also shows that:

  • 69% of Bloomberg viewers travel internationally on business every year
  • Over 40% of Bloomberg viewers spend more than one month in hotels every year
  • Over 35% of Bloomberg viewers earn a salary of more than £75,000 per annum
  • Just under 50% of viewers either own or manage the business they work in
  • Eight out of ten Bloomberg viewers work for international companies.

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