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Page 5: Brand attributes

Boots 5 Image 2Key to the product positioning of the Ruby & Millie brand has been the personal profiles and specialist skills of Ruby and Millie themselves, which appeals to consumers who want more than just a set of products. This is because the brand is correctly perceived, through solid PR support, to have been developed by opinion leaders in the market.

Ruby’s role is to shape make-up fashions and her ability to do this ensures constant innovation in the product range, while Millie provides expert knowledge of make-up. Her eye for seeking out innovative new beauty products around the world ensures that the range is constantly updated. Both have been featured in articles in popular magazines, such as MARIE CLAIRE, Elle and Cosmopolitan, their names developing their brand’s image and status. Vogue ran an exclusive feature during the launch of the brand.

Effective PR (public relations) also aids in furthering the brand’s credibility among consumers together with influential media voices and leaders in the market. The benefits include cost-effective exposure such as being featured in magazine articles; which is significantly cheaper than TV promotion and enables the correct target audience to be reached. The uniqueness of the brand became the main focus and the publicity resulted directly in sales double that of original forecasts.

Features and benefits

Another unique feature of the brand is that it is the first comprehensive British make-up artist range and, whilst distribution in Boots The Chemists is limited, it does mean that the brand is accessible. During its first year there were 28 stockists in addition to Harvey Nichols (Leeds and London) and Selfridges (London). It is envisaged that the range would potentially be available in up to 40 Boots The Chemists outlets in the UK and Eire.

One of the most distinctive skills of marketers is to create, maintain and protect their brands by consistently helping it to deliver a specific set of features and benefits associated with its position within the market. A good brand effectively guarantees that it will deliver all of the qualities that the consumer associates with it.

Almost 200 manufacturing trials were needed to ensure that the qualities of the Ruby & Millie brand would be carried through to manufacture, more than for any other cosmetic range Boots Contract Manufacturing had handled before.

All of the formulations for Ruby & Millie have been developed to an exacting standard and are based upon either the best available in the market, or better. Performance is tested via professional use. The brand’s credibility is further enhanced as Ruby and other high-profile make-up artists use the product during the course of their work.

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