No 7 - the relaunch of a brand
A Boots case study

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Page 4: Packaging

Boots 2 Image 2Packaging generates one of the strongest messages to a consumer. Initially it says more about the brand than the product itself. It must attract attention and make consumers feel good about the product - by looking good when used or displayed on the dressing table. The 1991 grey packaging now lacked visual appeal by being dull and un-inspirational and had become outdated. To enable the brand to move into the Premium Market, redesign was a necessity.

  • Premium. The packaging had to compare favourably with premium houses. Small details such as the click of a compact or lipstick can instantly portray quality.
  • Lasting. The packaging would have to be long lasting. A classic look was chosen to avoid becoming outdated.
  • Clarity. The names and the designs had to demonstrate differences between the brand sectors clearly. They also had to show the differences between brands to ensure that No 7 stood out from its competitors. The design chosen featured classical shapes and lines. The gold clasp was ‘the twist’ that made the classic design more interesting. The dark colour of the compact was seen as timeless and premium.

Boots | No 7 - the relaunch of a brand