No 7 - the relaunch of a brand
A Boots case study

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Page 3: Strategy

Boots 2 Diagram 1Re-launching a product extends the lifecycle of a brand. A relaunch strategy involves reviewing all the ingredients of the marketing mix in order to differentiate products from competition  and thereby provide a more appropriate market position.

No 7 products were perceived as being good quality but drab and old fashioned, before the re-launch. The re-launched product range radically altered this image, as they were of the highest quality and at value for money prices. Two thirds of the colour relaunch range were new. This enabled every possible innovation to be incorporated. The New Light Diffusing Foundation contained elements to create a flawless and soft focus look and effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, while New Moisture Active Lipcolour was designed to give 8 hour hydration to care for lips whilst colouring.

To ensure that Boots No 7 range was equal to the premium houses an extensive level of benchmarking with competing products took place. All new No 7 products were tested by at least 100 volunteers. The best available similar competitor’s products were tested against the new No 7 formula. The products were presented anonymously, in the same packaging and the volunteers were asked to fill in an extensive questionnaire as to how each performed in relation to the other. No 7 products were only accepted for launch if they outperformed the competitors.

Boots | No 7 - the relaunch of a brand