Re-shaping a well-known brand
A Boots case study

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Page 2: Re-positioning

Boots 4 Image 3Brands have a certain power in the market-place. Where a brand has a particular type of awareness with consumers and represents certain values, buyers will select that brand in preference to others in the market. It is important then that the values represented by the brand match the perceptions of consumers.

Although a brand may be positioned in one particular part of a market, it may be necessary to re-position it later. As 17 has evolved, it has moved away from a low cost, budget brand to a cosmetic brand for girls with attitude. Re-positioning is an important tool for a marketer as it helps build on existing brand recognition and loyalty.

For 17, this meant that the overall objective of the re-positioning process would be to:

  • develop 17 as the teenage make-up brand
  • evaluate its logo styles and packaging features to ensure an appropriate fit with the 17
  • personality portrayed through the advertising
  • match the consumer understanding of 17 with its new brand personality
  • deliver this positioning in-store with new merchandising units.

Boots | Re-shaping a well-known brand